Making YouTube Red Greater!

For the uninitiated, YouTube Red is a premium service by YouTube/Google in which you pay a monthly fee to unlock some premium features. This service is geared more towards mobile devices and also to make up some revenue that’s lost because of the use of Ad Blockers. But is paying a fee of $10 worth it? That might be a question that some of you might have had at some point in time. In this article, we dwell on that question a bit further. And in the end, we would like to give some suggestions on how to make the service better.
youtube red
Monthly Subscription Fees: $10
Main Features:

  • Ad-Free Experience,
  • Background Video playback
  • Red Originals
  • Play Music Subscription.
  • Offline Viewing

We all know how annoying ads can be. For everyone who does not use an Adblocker, YouTube Red should technically sound like a good deal. Bundled Play Music service should make it icing on the cake. However, we feel it’s a bit too pricey for what it does. Here’s why.

Ad-Free Experience?

Most of us can get around annoying ads by using an Ad Blocker. Ad-Free Experience

Red Originals?

Meh! YouTube still has a long way to go before it can match Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu when it comes to content creation. Red Originals

Play Music Subscription?

Have you heard of Spotify? One positive that we are willing to give Play Music is that it can turn off Explicit content. That’s something that’s very important to most of us here. But Google cannot match Spotify’s algorithm when it comes to new song recommendations and also a dedicated Christian Music genre. So no, Play Music Subscription.
The feature that we would not hesitate to pay for is Background video playback. This feature allows users to play videos in the background while using their mobile devices. This feature comes in handy when you have a video which is more of a podcast or maybe a Late Night monologue which is more of something you can just hear and not necessarily have to watch altogether. YouTube Red also can download the video onto the mobile devices for Offline Viewing. This feature would allow users to download videos onto their mobile devices. It comes in handy in all the situations when you don’t have Wifi around. These are the two features that we love.
Taking into consideration everything that I talked about, I have a proposal to Google/YouTube/Alphabet?
Why not have a service called YouTube Red lite. This service would enable the users to pick and choose the features that they feel are important. The following are the features that we here at Bytevine would like to see on YouTube Red lite.

Making YouTube Red Greater!!

Lite 1: Background Video Playback and Offline Viewing – $5
Lite 2: Ad-Free Experience and YouTube Red Originals – $5
Lite 3: Background Video Playback and YouTube Red Originals – $5
Lite 4: Ad-Free Experience and Office Viewing – $5
Lite 5: Background Video Playback, YouTube Red Originals, and Offline Viewing – $7.50
Some countries or carriers have unlimited Data plans so that offline viewing might be the need of the hour. For those users, they can choose Lite 2 or Lite 3. Countries like India where for users with poor network connectivity and long commutes to work might prefer something like Lite 1. The possibilities are endless and limitless.
So there you go Google. We have a solid business plan. Should you choose to accept it, you know how to contact us. You’re Google. Anything is possible for you. 😉
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  1. Man, that’s something interesting… Good stuff.
    Could you also write on most useful ways to make a smart phone more smarter. Most of us use smart phone just for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter… basically only socializing. This ain’t smart when owning a smart phone that could do more. Hope to see you soon enlightening us.

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