Yi Home Camera Review – Coming Soon

Yi Home Surveillance – Home surveillance is something that everyone should take seriously. But sadly that is not the case. Most of the highly reputable brands charge top dollar for their products. And if you want to enjoy the full set of features which they advertise, you need to pay a little extra. Users pay for the camera up front and then after purchasing they realize if they want real-time updates and cloud recording, they need to pay for a subscription which gives them those features.

Enter Yi Home Camera. This surveillance camera promises uncompromising quality at a relatively low price. Just to be clear, we are not being paid or sponsored for this. We purchased this camera to test it out and review. Apparently, it will take some time to review the product thoroughly, so we just wanted to layout the product features and specifications.


  • Wide-angle and High Digital Zoom – 111 degrees Wide and 4 x zoom
  • Night Visions and 940mm “Non-invasive” infrared sensor
  • Mobile app for both Android and iOS
  • Motion detection which sends notifications to mobile phones
  • 32GB capacity expansion with an SD card
  • Affordable cloud plans


Lens Material All Glass Lens
Viewing angles Horizontal viewing angle: 92.7°
Vertical Viewing Angle: 48.7°
Diagonal viewing angle: 111.2°
Body size 54mm
Video frame rate 20fps(1280*720)
Local storage 8-32G Micro SD card
Stream Adaptive stream support
Voice Voice intercom support
Infrared light 8 lamps /940nm
Supported protocols IPV4,UDP,TCP, HTTP,DHCP,P2P
Wireless standard IEEE802.11b/g/n
Supported Operating Systems Android 4.0 and above / iOS7 and above

Semi Final Thoughts:

We are excited to this review for a lot of reasons. We have been watching this product for a while and when we got a good deal on it, we jumped right in. Please do let us know what do you want to know about this camera and what you want us to cover during the review. Feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you
Image Credithttps://i.ytimg.com/vi/41gTfq5E6Tk/maxresdefault.jpg

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