No! Your account is still not secure just because BFF turned green!

Where do we begin with this one? This trend is one of the stupidest that we’ve seen over the past week amidst the Facebook data breach scandal. When you type the letters BFF in Facebook comments, it turns green. Some people spun this thing into a security feature saying that if the text doesn’t turn Green, your account got hacked. Silliness aside, we cannot imagine how people could even believe this?

Why does the word turn green?

When you type the words “BFF” or “BFFS,” Facebook activates its feature called “Text Delight.” Not the two words but there are multiple words which change color and trigger some animation. In this article, let us have a quick look at what those special characters are.

Text Delight – How to use it?

Let’s take “BFF” or “BFF’s” as the example.

When you type those letters, the letter turn green and also you would see two hands giving a high five. Makes it super fun and exciting to watch. But somehow people don’t know it. Neither did Mark Zuckerberg invent that word. It has been used way before even Facebook started. There are a bunch of other trigger words which trigger some words and actions in a similar way. Let’s a take a look at few of them.

Trigger word/Phrase: You’re the best.

Trigger word/Phrase: Best Wishes

Trigger word/Phrase: You got this

Trigger word/Phrase: Congratulations/Congrats

Trigger word/Phrase: xo/xoxo/xoxoxo

Final Thoughts:

We all agree that we need to take our privacy and security very seriously. Falling for such silly and dumb trends don’t look good on you and show a hacker that you are gullible. The Internet is a wonderful and a weird place. However, if you are not careful enough, the same Internet will come back to bite you. We will follow up this article with some tips on the steps that you can take to keep your account secure. We will also discuss how to avoid falling from such silly trends. Please do visit the source of this article as there are a lot more “Text Delights” which are triggered by specific phrases. Do tell us in the comments below if you have tried them and your thoughts on the article.
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