Top 5 Chrome Browser Extensions

Chrome Browser Extensions – The Chrome browser is by far one of the best browsers out there. So much so it is leading the pack of browsers by a fair bit. One of the best features of the browser is the ability to install extensions on the browser which take the experience to another level. In this article, we will look 5 of the best chrome extensions which we use on a daily basis. Please do suggest in the comment section below the extensions which you guys are using.

1. LastPass

In one of our previous articles, we have mentioned about the importance of using a password manager. We discussed LastPass as a great example of a password manager. We use LastPass quite often, and it has a great chrome extension which takes the experience to another level. LastPass is very easy to use, and even the free version offers an excellent experience. As the need for stronger passwords arise due to the recent reports of online data breaches and hacks, having a password manager acts as an entry level of security. We will soon make a video on how to efficiently use LastPass so please look out for that.

2. Grammarly

If you are a blogger like me or maybe a student who has to write a lot of papers, Grammarly has a fantastic tool to use. At its heart, Grammarly is a grammar checking tool which would suggest you better words and corrects your grammar. It also spellchecks your document for you and makes sure there are no spelling mistakes. After you have installed this extension, Grammarly is always running to give you a better experience. Whether you are writing an email or merely commenting on someone’s Facebook post, this extension is a must tool to have

3. Ad Blocker

One of the downsides of using the Internet is the number of ads that we encounter daily. These ads are very annoying and are usually in your face. Thankfully with Ad Blocker, there is some respite from these ads. Adblock has been a constant feature/add-on that we use regularly. We have gotten used to it so much that it is shocking when we see ads while watching YouTube videos. The best part about it is that it’s free

4. Full Page Screen Capture

There would always be a time when you want to take a full-screen screenshot of a website. But the default snipping tool on the computer is only capable of capturing what’s on the screen. Full Page Screen Capture makes it possible to take the screenshot. All it takes is just a push of a button. The possibilities are endless on what you can do with this extension.

5. Cast Screen

If you own a media streamer like Google Chromecast, we would assume you already know about this feature. The reason we described it as a feature but not an extension is because this feature started out as an extension. It worked so well that Google incorporated it as the feature on the browser. Unlike the other entries on the list, this extension/feature is not seen or can be used right away. We need to click on setting button on the far right and then scroll down to cast. You have the option to cast the whole screen or just the tab on Windows.

We hope you found some new extensions that you might consider using. We will keep updating the list as we go on and we also expect you to help us out in suggesting some extensions that we do not know.
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