Apple is back at it again! Absolutely Brilliant!!

Apple iPhone – To win over Android users, Apple is going back to it’s trusted ally- The Ads. Apple always had terrific, quotable ads (If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone!). After being outshone by competitors in the marketing department, the company is trying to come back to its roots. Apple released a bunch of ads which specifically are targeted at Android users. Let’s take a look at them

iPhone — Ease — Apple
In this video, a man fed up in the environment that he is in opens merely his umbrella to fly away into a cleaner and fresher environment. Considering how easy it is to move from an Android to an iOS (just ask someone who recently switch – ME!), the ad makes sense. Cannot help but nod in agreement. Move to iOS app is great and it pretty much tags along everything that you need.

iPhone — Safe — Apple
In this video, a man who’s dressed up like a burglar is let down from the top aLa Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. But as he comes down, he is stopped by what appears to be like Lasers indicating that the area below is well protected and secure. This argument is used continuously by iPhone users when defending the platform.

iPhone — Apple Support — Apple
In this video, a woman swings from one swing and leaps while a man appears from the other side on another swing to catch her. The video indicates or implies that Apple has excellent support which you can always rely upon. The jury is still out there to determine if the ad is accurate.

iPhone — Environment — Apple
In this video, a man after finishing his coffee tries to throw the empty cup into the other area (which is to be assumed as iPhone area). But he is unable to do so, and after trying for a couple of more times he gives up and just places it in his area. This video claims that Apple phones are assembled in Zero Waste Facilities. It’s quiet hard to believe this statement/claim.
These ads are designed and created to be viewed on your phone. So if you were reading this on a desktop, we urge you to open this page on a mobile device and watch the ads again. Also do yourselves a favor, if you’re an iPhone user, go ahead and subscribe to Apple’s YouTube Channel. They have tons of videos with helpful tutorials, some tips, and tricks. Trust us on that.

Final Thoughts:

Fresh off the boat from making that awful “What’s a Computer?” ad, these breathe some fresh air into the Apple Marketing bandwagon. It remains to be seen how the other phone manufacturers respond and react to these ads.
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