Nokia attempts to bring back your childhood!

Nokia 8110 – The chances that the first phone that you’ve ever owned was a Nokia. Nokia was the biggest phone maker in the world until it met its demise and subsequent sale to Microsoft in 2014. However, Nokia is back under new management and they desperately want your attention. HMD Global consists of true blood Nokia alumni who have overseen the company in their heyday. When people with such love for the company try to make bring the brand back, you can bet every cent that they are going to try their hardest. Seems like it’s working. Nokia just announced 4 phones in the ongoing MWC and they definitely deserve a mention. But today we are just going to look at this piece of history.

Nokia 8110 4G


Nokia brought back the indestructible 3310 back to life last year. And this year they’ve chosen another legend of a phone to bring back in the form of Nokia 8110 4G. It’s a part of the Nokia Originals line up. We think the idea of bringing back budget feature phones is a cool idea which will put Nokia back in the game. Nokia 8110 is a legend in its own right because it was featured in the Matrix movie which was released over 20 years.

Nokia attempts to bring your childhood back! - Matrix Movie
A still from The Matrix movie
It is also called the banana phone. Why? Because its yellow and literally looks like a banana.

Nokia attempts to bring your childhood back! - Banana Phone

Does it run on Android?

No, it does not run Android. It runs on S30+ OS. Its used in the phone that Nokia makes just to grab attention, much like the 8810 4G. There’s no touchscreen, you navigate around a grid-based interface with a D-pad. The S30+ is an active, in-development system and maybe it might get better in the future.

It can run apps though!

The phone does have a Twitter app and a Facebook app. Oddly enough it has an app store as well. But when you choose a phone like this, the social media apps are hardly a concern. With 4G capabilities, you can be rest assured of a crispy sound quality and since it’s a feature phone it’s going to have a killer battery life.
Like an icing on top of a cake, the phone comes with Google Assitant, Gmail and Outlook integration. We’re not entirely sure how that works but that’s a feature that comes with the phone.

Some more features

  • Dual SIM Option (Depends on the region)
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack (Duh!)
  • MicroSD Card Slot
  • Removable Back and battery (Is this even 2018?)
  • 2MP Primary camera (Can I have a paper and pencil instead?)

Why budget feature phone instead of big flagship phones?

Nokia realizes that there are in fact more than a billion people who still rely on feature phones to get by every day. It’s a smart move to leverage the Nokia goodwill that was built over the years. Even the color options really pop! It’s aggressively priced at 79 euros.

Final Thoughts:

While bringing back a much-loved phone from the past might seem like a wonderful idea, Nokia sure won’t pinning its revival on this phone. There are plenty of other phones in their line with a premium price tag and much more current. Just like Nokia 3310 last, the novelty runs off pretty quickly. But it sure seems to be working in their favor as it was recently reported that Nokia is the third largest phone brand in the UK. Fight on, Nokia. We need you.

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