You would want your next phone to look like this – Vivo!


Vivo SmartPhone – While the world is quietly singing praises to Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, Vivo has dropped the ‘Apex’ concept phone which looks absolutely stunning. Vivo had made some noise recently when they figured out how to put a fingerprint reader under the screen. It’s a feature which Apple couldn’t finish in time when they were releasing the iPhone X, leading to the fingerprint reader (touch ID) to be omitted altogether. Keep in mind; this is a concept phone but not to be confused with something which exists on a piece of paper or a mock-up diagram somewhere. Vivo has debuted a working prototype for this phone. No word yet on when it will be released or if it will ever be up for release for that matter.

Proposed features

Look, mom! No Bezels!

You would want your next phone to look like this - Vivo- No Bezels
The phone boasts a near Bezel-less screen which has 95% screen to body ratio. In comparison, last year’s “innovative” iPhone X had an 81.49% screen to body ratio. Even the phone which started the whole bezel-less revolution, the Xiomi Mi Mix, had 82.63%. The feat which Vivo has achieved here is quite impressive and commendable. The top, left and right bezels in the phone are 1.8 mm thick, and the bottom bezel is 4.8 mm. Vivo says that if they can bring the bottom bezel to 1.8, then the screen to body ratio will be at a 98 percent.

How did they do it?

Proximity Sensor and Ear Piece

Vivo put a proximity sensor and the earpiece under the screen. The proximity sensor turns the screen off when you put the phone near your ears. Then the screen vibrates the sound through the screen for you to make a call or listen to the caller. Vivo is calling this feature Screen SoundCasting Technology. Not sure how effective it is but, in theory, it looks like there won’t be any problem.

Finger Print Scanner

You would want your next phone to look like this - Vivo - Finger Print Scanner
Vivo shocked the world this January at CES when it became the first phone manufacturer to introduce the fingerprint reader under the screen. A month later, a phone with that feature released in China. It used a Synaptics driver and looks like Vivo has gone for the same driver this time around too. But the fingerprint reader on the Apex concept phone adds another trick up its sleeve. The fingerprint reader is not just a tiny circle or a small area, but it’s almost half of the screen. Many of the phone manufacturers have moved their fingerprint readers to the back of the phone. But there’s denying have one up in the front makes it much more usable.

Pop up selfie camera

You would want your next phone to look like this - Vivo - Popup Selfie Camera
Apart from the sensors on the front of the device, the other aspect of the phone which takes a chunk of space on the front of the device is the Selfie camera. iPhone and the Essential phone had a notch which ruined it for some people. The Xiaomi Mi Mix and it’s follow up this year moved the camera to the bottom of the screen. Vivo straight up hid the camera inside the phone which would come up only when required. It’s a pretty neat feature to have on a phone. This feature opens up so many avenues for the manufactures and hopefully makes them think about more innovations in the future.

Final Thoughts:

Even though Vivo says that this is just a concept, it sure looks like a phone which is closer to a finished product. Every year when people speculated what the next iPhone would look like they drew up some mockups which were similar this concept phone. Looking at this phone makes me wonder “Has the future finally arrived ?”
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