3 Secret Tips To Read Whatsapp Message Without letting your Sender Know!

Whatsapp Messages – There comes a time when everyone wants to avoid that someone who’s annoying.? Or maybe you want to look like you are busy to reply even when you are not.? These are the times when you would want to avoid letting the other person know that you’ve read the message.?
In this article, we will list out 3 ways by which you can avoid letting the other person know that you have read the message.

1. Aeroplane Mode:

Airplane mode cuts off all connected between Whatsapp and its server. How is that going to help us you may ask? If the app cannot contact its server, it cannot communicate with the server to say that the message has been opened. Once the message is read, make sure that the app is closed and even removed from the background before going back online. This is very important. Failure close the app will trigger the communication between the server and the app.

How to turn on Aeroplane Mode?


2. Notifications: Read the messages directly from the notification drawer

Both on iOS and Android you can preview the messages directly from the notification drawer. But you have to be careful not to click on any of the messages, else it would show up as “read” a.k.a ✔✔(Blue ticks). This tip can very useful in not just Whatsapp but many other messaging apps.

3. Turn Off Last Seen – The Last Resort

If the above 2 methods fail for you, the last and the final option is to turn off the read receipts feature altogether. But the downside of this is that you won’t be able to read see the sender’s last seen as well. As you can see in the pictures when my Last Seen was enabled, I could see my Mum’s status. But when it was turned off I couldn’t see it anymore.



Final Thoughts:

No matter what the reasons are if you follow these tips you can read your Whatsapp messages without the sender knowing that you did.
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